10 Best Credit Cards in Jordan - Our Review

10 Best Credit Cards in Jordan - Our Review

Nov 30, 2019 by Ramez Nabulsi

Compare between the best Credit Cards in Jordan

In the age of IT and revolutionary technology, whatever you need can easily become at your disposal! Businesses everywhere are paying more attention to enhance their digital presence instead of relying only on a physical shop, regardless of what they offer is tangible products or services. With that said, having a credit card to pay online is no longer seen as a luxury for wealthy people but rather essential as a secured thus easy method of payment

What is a Credit card?

There is a common mistake among Jordanian people that confuses the international service provider “visa” with the credit card. Yet it’s remarkable to say there is a fundamental difference between the credit card and the debit card, when it comes to the credit card the amount of money paid is not deducted from the bank account but rather from the amount of credit granted by the service provider. Nevertheless, there are several companies specialized in issuing credit card to facilitate the buying process, the famous ones worldwide are: Visa, Master Card, and Euro card.

What are the most common types of Credit card?

1) Typical Credit card: Issued by the bank or any financial service the provider enables the consumer to recycle the amount of credit to the following month while imposing an interest rate on the credit.
2) Charge Card: This card enables the consumer to buy simultaneously whereby he can pay the bills later without recycling the credit, thus it stipulates paying the whole borrowed money once the invoice is issued from the bank.
3) Debit card: This card works simply by withdrawing the needed money for sale from the bank account without the need to grant any credit. Furthermore, this card is used during cash withdrawal from the ATM. What distinguishes this card is being limitless, whereby the real limit is the total amount of money deposited at the bank account. Yet many banks in Jordan refuse to activate the online payment privilege for internet shopping due to risky consequences.
4) Prepaid card: The most common use card for shopping over the internet, what distinguishes this card that it doesn’t need an existing bank account, yet it’s considered the most secured card for online payment use. It can be issued easily from many Jordanian banks even if you are not a registered client, it can be linked also with Paypal for online payment.

What makes the credit card that useful?

What makes the credit card so much use is the ability to be used for multiple purposes. The user of such a card is not restricted within a particular domain, but rather able to use it as a payment method in all kinds of purchases over the internet from buying equipment and electronic devices to books not ending with games! Moreover, it can be used to pay home or office bills.

Furthermore, credit card has been an effective tool for freelancing work over the web. It’s essential for freelancers so they can ensure getting paid especially via global platforms dedicated to freelance work such as Upwork. On the other hand, credit cards can facilitate payment for employers posting jobs on such platforms, making it as smooth as silk.

What are the best credit cards in Jordan?

Royal Jordanian Platinum Visa – Arab Bank:  There are several benefits granted to any Arab bank client such as the widespread of its branches across all Jordanian cities and familiarity since the bank deals with a wide range of companies and individuals. Additionally, the Arab Bank has lots to offer when it comes to credit cards. For instance, the Royal Platinum visa card entails a minimum wage of 700 JDs, with a limit of up to 50 thousand JDs. The issuing fees of this card don’t exceed 60 JDs, and the interest rate is no more than 1.75%. There are several benefits for this card that go beyond the financial aspect, other benefits include the ability to acquire miles in “royal club” program during the buying process, to be replaced afterward with free travel tickets or in upgrading the travel class. This card also allows the user to be exempted from interest enforced on procurements for 45 days.

2) MasterCard U – Jordan Commercial Bank: The commercial bank provides clients with lots of credit privileges through this card, all that it requires is a minimum salary of 750 JDs and issuing fees no more than 50 JDs. The limit of this card is up to 10 thousand JDs with an interest rate of 1.75%. This card allows the holder to retrieve cash with 1% interest on all procurement inside and outside Jordan. Moreover, the user of this card is privileged with 0% interest for a period of 6 months since the Issuance date.

3) Titanium MasterCard – Cairo Amman Bank: This card suits Jordanian Middle-class, as it entails a minimum wage of only 150 JDs! Issuance fees don’t exceed 50 JDs while the limit is up to 5 thousand JDs, and the interest rate is no more than 1.75%. The card provides the user with multiple facilitations without enforcing any interest for 49 days after issuance. Also, it activates the privilege of “buy 1 get another 1 for free” in many hotels and restaurants. Also, it is known for fast issuance and activation, plus it enables the user to immediately pay all installments and fees over the internet.
4) Youth Visa – Arab Bank: This card is tailored in particular for the Youth from 18 to 25 years, it entails a minimum wage of 250 JDs with 1.75% as interest, and the limit is up to 50 thousand JDs. Once the card is issued a rewarding system becomes activated known an “Arabi points”. This card also provides credit safety for its user whereby it covers 100% of existing credit in cases of death or total disability. Also, it secures the payment processes over the internet.

5) World MasterCard – Amman Cairo Bank: This card fits with low budgets as it entails a minimum wage of 150 JDs and can vary depending on who the employer is. The issuing fees don’t exceed 75 JDs annually and a limit up to 5 thousand JDs. There are other benefits gained from this card such as getting free overnight stays in more than 175 resorts affiliated with African hotels and resorts. Also, it enables the user to retrieve 2% of procurement value in points so it can be replaced with fly and hotel reservations on a later stage. The last thing, it grants the holder free entrances to more than 800 waiting halls in lots of international airports existing in around 120 countries and 400 cities by just showing up the card at sight.

6) Golden Visa Card- Etihad Bank: This card provided by Etihad Bank enables the user to get a high credit limit that is five multiples of his/her salary. Furthermore, this card allows paying installments of low value starting from 4% of the whole monthly credit. Etihad Bank adopts a policy that entices a wide variety of prospects by giving a 0% interest for the first 6 months in case of transferring credit from other banks to Etihad Bank. The golden visa card allows a secured procurement over the internet. Lastly, the user of this card is privileged with exclusive traveling and entertaining offers across the middle east.

7) Platinum MasterCard – Capital Bank: Capital Bank offers this card which entails a minimum wage of 750 JDs with 1.75% interest, issuing this card costs 50 JDs annually, with a limit of up to 6 thousand JDs. Usually, the credit limit is pre-determined and it ranges between 3000-6000 JDs, and the minimum wage is customized depending on the kind of employer of which the card user gets paid from. The card allows a secured procurement across the web, therefore, provides safety from Fraud issues, also it gives the user the privilege to enter  waiting halls in the following airports: Amman, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai, Kuwait, and Egypt.

8) Prepaid MasterCard – Jordan Kuwait Bank: Regarded as one of the best credit cards available in Jordan due to its easy issuance and for being widely accredited locally and internationally. Issuing this card cost 5 JDs only, yet it can be used in hotels, restaurants, and all kinds of shops. Able to be recharged and the minimum value for charging is 5 JDs, also it can be used for ATM withdrawal without deducting fees.

9) Visa Card- Safwa Islamic Bank: Terms and conditions of this card comply with the Sharia law in Islam. Allows the user to provide 4 sub-cards for first-level relatives. It comes with a limit to be renewed annually and is available in two types: Golden and Silver.

10)  Visa Credit Card – Jordan Kuwait Bank: This card is issued by Jordan Kuwait Bank based on the term: Subscribe for one year and get another year for free! It entails an interest incurred after 51 days from the withdrawal date. It also allows the user to buy online safely and is available in two types: The golden card with a credit limit up to 500 JDs, and a Silver card with a limit of up to 250 JDs.

Compare between the best Credit Cards in Jordan

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