7 Car Insurance Add on Coverages You Should Consider

7 Car Insurance Add on Coverages You Should Consider

Oct 23, 2022 by Amwalcom

If you already have comprehensive car insurance or plan to get it soon, you should pay attention to the additional coverages available in your insurance plan. Some of these coverages are added for free with your car insurance policy, while others can be included for an additional fee

To find out about these coverages and find out what you might want to add to your policy, ask your insurance company first. If it appears that a particular company does not provide what you need or the prices of these coverages are excessive; You can always choose another company that meets your needs and expectations
If you don't have a list of additional auto insurance coverages to inquire about, don't worry, here's what we share with you today:

1. Agency repair 

Car repair outside its original agency may not be a preferred option for many of us because we know that the quality of repair at the agency is usually higher than outside garages, in addition to the presence of a warranty on the repair process inside the agency, but all these advantages to repairing the vehicle in the garages of its agency do not come for free, but rather quite the opposite, agency repair is very expensive, which makes us turn to repair our vehicles outside the agency.

If your car is relatively new and its age does not exceed five years, there is an option that you can add to your comprehensive insurance policy on your car, which is the agency repair coverage. This means that for an additional amount you pay on the policy, you can rest assured that if necessary, you can repair your car at their agency at no extra cost (excluding the prices of spare parts).

The price of this coverage varies between insurance companies, so we advise you to compare the prices of more than one company to get the best possible price. Just remember that this additional coverage will only apply if you have a new car that is no more than 5 years old (some companies require the car to be less than 3 years old) 
The value of your policy can increase by 100 - 200 JDs if you want to add coverage to the policy

2. Natural disaster coverage

Although most insurance programs focus on traffic accidents, there are additional insurance coverages that include natural accidents and disasters that occur without human intervention. Remember that some companies exclude certain disasters from this coverage, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and floods. Perhaps one of the most important points that you should be aware of if you want to add this coverage is the exceptions (that is, what this coverage does not cover)
Remember that natural disaster coverage differs from one company to another and that there are some companies that do not cover natural disasters at all.

In most cases to get this additional coverage, you will need to add an amount between 50-100 JDs to your policy price.

3. Replacement car coverage

Insurance companies in Jordan offer a compensatory service in the event that you have an accident (God forbid) that is covered under the insurance policy and you have to leave your car in the maintenance center for several days. This coverage includes the possibility of replacing you with a replacement car every day you leave your car in the repair garage. Or the company can compensate you with an amount for each day your car is in repair.

You should keep in mind that this coverage is usually one time per year only and also has some limitations regarding the total amount of money the insurance company pays or the number of days you are allowed to rent a replacement car. For example, the insurance company may pay you 25 JDs per day for a period of 10 days or they may allow you to rent a car at their expense for 10 days only
Before signing the contract with the insurance company, you can ask about this coverage and decide whether it is worth the investment or not, as the value of the policy can increase by an additional 100 - 150 JDs.

4. Depreciation exemption coverage on spare parts

If you ever get into a car accident and your car needs some repairs and some spare parts; This add-on could be very useful.
Generally, without adding this coverage, the insurance company will pay a margin (a fixed percentage) for any replacement part your car will need and you will end up paying out of pocket for the percentage that is not covered by the insurance company.
This percentage is called the rate of consumption and usually reaches 6% annually and a maximum of 36%
For example, if your car is 4 years old and you need to replace the front bumper in your car which will cost you 100 JDs, the insurance company will only pay 76% of the value of that part (76 JDs) and you will pay 24% (24 JDs) out of your own pocket.
An exemption for this coverage means that the insurance company will pay 100% of the value of the replacement part. This coverage is not available with all insurance companies and is usually calculated as a percentage of the policy price

5. Coverage of accidents by unknown persons

Let's imagine that you woke up one day and went to your car in the morning to go to work, as usual, only to be surprised that someone had hit your car in the middle of the night without leaving his phone number or any information and that there are no surveillance cameras on the street to identify the culprit in the accident .... What to do here?
The good news here is that if you have comprehensive insurance, most insurance companies will cover half of the repair value (50%) if there is a police report; provided that you pay the remaining half out of your own pocket. This coverage is called accident coverage against unknown at 50% and is usually included with the comprehensive insurance policy without paying additional amounts on the policy. Of course, there are limitations to this coverage, as some companies may require a maximum amount that the company will bear for accidents recorded against an unknown person.

In the event that you wanted to protect yourself from all repair costs in case your car was in an accident due to an unknown person, then you should choose 100% accident coverage against an unknown person. This means that in the event of a police report showing the damage to your vehicle is against an unknown person, the insurance company is obligated to repair your vehicle without any additional cost to you. This coverage is optional and can be added to the policy for an additional amount ranging between 100 - 150 JDs

6. Roadside Assistance Cover

Have you ever had a flat tire? Have you, or someone you know ever faced the dilemma of locking the car with the key inside? Did your car battery suddenly run out? Or is it possible that your car broke down on the highway and had to be towed?
If your car is comprehensively insured, you do not need to worry about the above problems. Most insurance companies offer roadside assistance coverage for free without adding any amount to the insurance policy. In the event of an accident or any emergency on the road, the insurance company will help you directly; All you have to do is keep the emergency assistance number of the insurance company and call them in the event of an emergency

7. Airbag coverage

When airbags are damaged after an accident, most insurance companies cover the cost of replacing them. This additional coverage makes accidents less financially damaging and can add significant value to your car insurance package.
This coverage is usually included with the price of the comprehensive insurance policy at most companies

There are some additional coverages that come with
the car's comprehensive insurance policy at no additional cost. As for some other add-ons, they may be expensive. We advise you, before purchasing an insurance policy, to ask about these add-ons to find out the prices of each of them and to choose the coverage that you can afford and that you feel may be of value in the event of damage or accident (God forbid).

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