Best fixed deposit rates in Jordanian banks for ten thousand JDs - April 2022

Best fixed deposit rates in Jordanian banks for ten thousand JDs - April 2022

Apr 15, 2022 by Amwalcom

A fixed deposit is an amount of money that you can link with banks so that you can only withdraw from it after the end of the deposit period. In return, the banks reward you with a certain interest added to your account for the duration of the deposit. The value of this interest directly depends on the amount of the deposit and on how long you keep the money in the deposit account.

In this article, we present the best rates on a fixed deposit in Jordan if the deposit amount is ten thousand JDs, arranged according to the term period:

one month:

Three Jordanian banks are equal at an interest rate of 2.75% as the highest interest rate. These banks are Bank Al Etihad, Capital Bank, and the Egyptian Land Bank

Three months:

1- Bank Al Etihad: 3%
2- Egyptian Land Bank: 2.87%
3- Capital Bank: 2.75%

Six months:

1- Bank Al Etihad: 3.12%
2- Egyptian Land Bank: 3%
3- Bank of Jordan: 2.95%

One year:

1- Bank of Jordan: 3.834%
2- Bank Al Etihad: 3.25%
3- Safwa Bank: 3.23%

Do not forget that in order to tie a deposit with the bank you are not allowed to withdraw from this amount until the end of the deposit period, bearing in mind that you can break the deposit, but on the condition that you pay 1% of the amount you want to release

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**All offers are subject to banks' terms and conditions
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** Rates for Safwa Islamic Bank as distributed for the first quarter of 2022

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