Egyptian Arab Land Bank launches the personal loan campaign "Your Income as a gift"

Egyptian Arab Land Bank launches the personal loan campaign "Your Income as a gift"

Feb 16, 2019 by AmwalCom

In the effort to meet the needs of diverse banking customers and in line with their growing requirements, Egyptian Arab Land Bank announced the launching of its personal and exceptional loan campaign under the title "Your Income as a Gift”.

This loan is designed with several competitive specifications, giving customers access to a loan ceiling from JD 15,000 to JD 88,000 with a flexible repayment period ranging from 4 years to 10 years without the need for a patron under the condition of salary transfer.

The loan offers value-added services to all beneficiaries of the program and provides free life insurance without any commission.

Commenting on the strategy, Mr. Akel, The Regional Manager of Egyptian Arab Land Bank, said "The Egyptian Arab Land Bank continues to be a pioneer in all aspects of both products and services. As part of its strategy to respond quickly to the needs of customers, and based on this ambitious strategy, Egyptian Arab Land Bank launched this promotional campaign for personal loan with competitive advantages enabling the clients to pay their personal obligations and increase their loan on a flexible and easy condition"

Akel added that the bank has developed this program to meet the hopes and requirements of its current and target clients as it represents one of the unique financing solutions to become the preferred bank and the first choice for its distinguished clients in a way that makes it easier for them to have their required services done quickly.  

It is worth mentioning that Egyptian Arab Land Bank is a leading regional bank was established in 1880 and it’s headquartered in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Egyptian Arab Land Bank is considered to be a comprehensive model for providing all banking services to individuals and/or companies.

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