What to Do When You Have a Car Accident

What to Do When You Have a Car Accident

Apr 4, 2022 by Amwalcom

Millions of car accidents take place every year around the world, with a portion involving damages to cars, others involving personal injuries to the driver or passengers, and a small portion of accidents involving fatal injuries. 

If you are ever involved in a car accident, you need to be familiar with the best practices and tips for protecting yourself, as well as securing your rights regarding insurance. Here, we are sharing the priority measures you need to consider if you ever face this situation. 

Make sure your insurance policy is valid

This might sound very obvious, but many drivers fall into this mistake. If you are ever involved in a car accident and your insurance policy had expired, then you cannot claim the insurance company for any damages or repairs. 
Always make sure that your insurance policy is valid and that you will never drive with an expired policy

Stop and make sure the accident space is safe

The panic of a car accident, even a small one, can make some people run away from the accident scene and keep driving, and that is a big mistake. When there is an accident, you need to stop your car in the nearest safe spot. 
To make the situation safer for others and yourself, you need to keep your lights on if the accident occurred at night time. If the lights are not working and it is dark, you need to use a flashlight. 
A warning triangle can also be used immediately at the back of the car to make the accident visible to other cars, ensuring the safety of everyone. 

Call the police 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they have car accidents is that they think they don't need to call the police if there are no serious injuries. 
Calling the police is very beneficial in all cases, as it facilitates filing a claim to the insurance company, whether you have injuries or not. Unless the vehicles involved in the accident are in the way of the traffic or jeopardize safety, they should remain in place until the police arrive. 

Ensure the accuracy of the record

After calling the police and the officers are at the scene, you need to only focus on telling them what exactly happened. There is no need to narrate any guesses. If you aren't sure about an injury, just say you aren't sure and don't exaggerate. 
It is also known that pain from car accident injuries can take a few hours to be felt, this is normal and expected. If any of the passengers are injured or any damages are seen you also need to report them to the police. 

Make sure to take photos

Taking some photos using your phone camera will be good for your situation if you have a car accident. The photos you need to take are often ones that show the damage to your vehicle. 
Taking pictures should not interfere with an ongoing police investigation, so if you need to take them after the police have left the scene it is also fine.

Seek medical care

As you try to guarantee your rights, never ignore your health. Go to a hospital and have a check on any part of your body suspected to be injured. Remember to report any symptoms to the doctor. 
Report the accident to the insurance company
One of the things you need to do immediately when you have a car accident is to report it to the insurance company. Some policies require immediate reporting of the accident, so you need to remember to do so. 
You can also ask a few questions about what medical benefits and vehicle maintenance benefits are covered in your policy, for example, most policies will include a car towing service if needed at the time.

The verdict

There are many tips that will help you be safer and secure your rights when you have a car accident while having car insurance. They aren't complicated, but they need to be remembered.

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