Bank Al Etihad - Car Loan 100% Financing

Flat Rate
Max. Financed Period
Min. Monthly Income
Down Payment
Guarantor Required
Salary Transfer
Quick Info
  • Salary must be transferred
  • Financing options on unique license plate numbers
  • Financing for car registration and comprehensive insurance
Required Documents
  • Proof of salary for the last 3 months if you have a proven track record at the bank
  • Copy of employment contract
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months if you are a new customer at the bank without a track record
  • Social security statement for the last 12 months except for employees in the public sector
  • Price quotation for new cars from the car dealership
  • A certificate stating the vehicle’s status and market price/value for used cars
  • Copy of the car’s license from the original owner for used cars
  • Price quotation for the car from owner for used cars