Egyptian Arab Land Bank - New Car Loan for Public Sector (Salary Transfer)

Flat Rate
Max. Financed Period
Min. Monthly Income
Down Payment
Guarantor Required
Salary Transfer
Quick Info
  • Special Interest Rates
  • No Commission Fees
  • Financing up to 100%
Main Features
  • Financing up to 75000 JD for cars and up to 175000 JD per client
  • Actual interest is calculated according to the interbank rate when the loan is executed
  • Financing for used cars if inspection results are accepted by the bank
  • Car can be registered to first-class relatives; subject to the owner's warranty
  • Financing all car makes except for Chinese cars 
Required Documents
  • Valid National ID for Jordanians
  • Salary certificate and salary voucher for the last 3 months for the public sector and 6 months for the private sector or proof of income for professionals and business owners
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Social security disclosure for private sector
  • Copy of the car license in the name of the current owner for used cars
  • Car price quote from the dealership for new cars
  • estimation value for used car by bank's appraisal