Cairo Amman Bank - Standard MasterCard

Min. Monthly Income
Annual Fee
Salary Transfer
Credit Limit
1,000 JD
Quick Info
  • Cashback up to 5% in some sectors
  • Grace period up to 49 days
  • Purchases installments at zero% for a period up to 20 months through chain of stores and commercial shops in Jordan
Main Features
  • Minimum salary requirement may vary depending on employer and sector
  • Local and global acceptance of the card.
  • A card with a distinctive design and of safe use. It is provided with an advanced smart chip technology and which is featured in utmost safety and protection.
  • Maximum financial flexibility to suit your financial requirements.
  • Renewable Credit ceiling which grants you flexibility when purchasing through Points of Sale and cash withdrawal from ATMs.
  • Secondary Credit Cards to your family members.
  • Free withdrawal limit for purchases that matches the ceiling of the card.
  • Easy settlement of the payments of your credit card through the available banking services.
  • Viewing your account statement and following up your transactions through the on line banking service.
  • Fast issuance of the card and activation procedures.
  • Free SMS which are directly received by you to view the transactions made by you and that will help you in managing your expenses.
  • It enables the cardholder to make instant fee and installment card payments using CAB Online Banking service.


  • Gas stations: 5%
  • Supermarkets: 4%
  • Utilities bills: 3%
  • Other purchases: 2%


  • Access to Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 mobile app for offers and benefits.
  • Benefit from Cairo Amman Bank discount program
Required Documents
  • No documents required for public sector employees (Salary Transfer)
  • Recent salary certificate for private sector employees (Salary Transfer)
  • Bank may request a personal guarantee in case salary is not transferred 
In case salary is not transferred:

  • Salary transfer certificate for the last 3 months
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Commitment letter for the client's bank