Am I obliged to buy the policy after submitting the application?

No, Amwalcom helps you compare between the best offers in Jordan. We do not oblige you to buy from us after submitting the application. The Insurance company you have applied to will call you and you will decide whether to buy the policy or not. However, getting the policy from amwalcom will help you
  1. Save money as we will get you the best deal in Jordan
  2. Avoid fraud as we Insure you directly through the best insurance companies
  3. Avoid scams, pay upon Policy delivery
  4. Save time and compare between best rates in Jordan from the comfort of your screen

Is Amwalcom affiliated with any insurance companies in Jordan?

No, Amwalcom is an unbiased party. We help you compare between insurance companies to get the best deal. We are a limitid libality company registered and licensed in Jordan

Can I buy a third party insurance policy through amwalcom?

No, third party insurance policies in Jordan are offered through (Drivers and Vehicles License Department) upon vehicle registration