Arab Bank - 3 Months Deposit (5,000 - 50,000) JD

Term Period
Max. Profit Rate
Min. Deposit Amount
Multiple Currency Account
Quick Info
  • Flexible Tenor with a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year
  • The balance must be higher than 5000 JD
  • Interest rates differ for other currencies
Required Documents
  •  Valid personal identification document for Jordanians (civil status ID or military certificate of appointment for the military). As for non-Jordanians (passport
  • Identification ID for the children of the Gaza Strip
  • or Identification ID for the children of Jordanian women)
  • Birth certificate or family book for minors in case of opening an account in the state / guardianship in addition to the state / guardianship argument
  • if any
  • Proof of residence (utility bill for the past 3 months or a valid lease contract that does not exceed one year or updated or registration document for the property or driving license stating address)
  • Proof of work (letter from the employer
  • salary certificate
  • or salary voucher or craft/professional license stating work address
  • A valid residence permit and a valid work permit or Diplomatic ID or Investor Card (for non-Jordanians)