Arab Bank - Ready Property Housing Loan

Reducing Rate
Max. Financed Period
Min. Monthly Income
Down Payment
Guarantor Required
Salary Transfer
Quick Info
  • Financing for ready property
  • Optional Insurance Cover on Content of Residential Property Against All Risk
  • Loan amount ranging from 5،000 JD and up to 700،000 JD
Main Features
  • Loan tenor ranging between one and 30 years
  • Loan settlement through flexible monthly installments according to your income 
  • Financing up to 90% of the house value
  • Life and property insurance 
  • Account services such as free Visa Electronn, Arabi Online Service and Hala Arabi Service 
  • A variety of Credit Card options to choose from
  • Free home Content Insurance (up to 35,000 JD)
Required Documents
  • Valid national ID (for Residents) or valid passport with valid Resident visa (for Non-Residents)
  • Recent utility bill in the name of the client e.g. electricity - telephone or rental contract
  • Latest Salary/Income/Employment verification document
  • Property purchase and sales agreement / contract
  • Ownership certificate of the financed property
  • Proof of Down payment
  • Bank statement