Cairo Amman Bank - Home Loan for Public Sector and International Organizations Employees - Full Financing

Reducing Rate
Max. Financed Period
Min. Monthly Income
Down Payment
Guarantor Required
Salary Transfer
Quick Info
  • Financing up to 100%
  • Financing period up to 30 years
  • Life insurance for the borrower
Main Features
  • Life insurance for the borrower
  • Insurance of the real estate
  • Financing up to 1,000,000 JOD
  • The possibility of rescheduling a current loan
  • The possibility of buying loans from other banks
  • The possibility of granting an additional personal loan for purposes related to the residence and at competitive interest rates
  • The possibility of accepting a second-degree mortgage of the real estate in favor of Cairo Amman Bank
  • Granting the borrower an automatically-approved credit card with free issuance fees for the first year
Required Documents
  • Copy of a valid ID
  • Copy of valid family book
  • Salary Slip for the past 3 months - If there is no fluctuation in salary then a one month slip is sufficient
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months