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Egyptian Arab Land Bank - Home Loan for Non Jordanian Residents

Reducing Rate
Max. Financed Period
Min. Monthly Income
Down Payment
Guarantor Required
Salary Transfer
Quick Info
  • 100% Mortgage of the real estate
  • Financing for Non Jordanian Residents in Jordan
  • The (7.25%) rate is only available for transferred salaries
Main Features
  • The possibility of financing registration and mortgage fees
  • The possibility of arranging a joint loan and approving the couple's income to determine the value of the loan
  • Life insurance and total permanent disability
  • Property insurance throughout the term of the loan
  • Possibility of financing without salary transfer
  • The possibility of issuing a credit card exempt from issuance fees for the first year
Required Documents
  • Valid passport and residency for non Jordanians
  • Real estate registration
  • Land map
  • Site map
  • Real estate appraisal accredited by bank
  • Salary certificate and salary voucher for the last 6 months
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Social security proof