Jordan Commercial Bank - Tejary Tawfeeri Savings Account

Min Balance to Maintain
Multiple Currency Account
Debit Card Issuance
Grand Prize
100,000 JD
Grand prize Min. Balance
Quick Info
  • Grand prize of 100،000 JD
  • A winning chance for every 50 JD or USD in account
  • Maximum number of chances you can earn per account is 500
Main Features

  • Grand prize: 100,000 JDs for 5 winners (100,000 JDs / winner)
  • Quarterly Prize: 50,000 JDs prize for 1 winner
  • Weekly Prize: 5,000 JDs for 2 winners (5,000 JDs / Winner)
  • Daily Prize: 500 JDs for 2 winners (500 JDs / winner)

  • Account can be opened in Jordanian Dinar or foreign currencies
  • Minimum balance required to earn interest on the savings account is 500 Jordanian Dinars or other major currencies
  • Only accounts in Jordanian Dinar and US Dollar are eligible to win prizes 
  • Debit Card issuance
  • free life insurance
  • Account can be opened for minors